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What's Working on Instagram

I've been thinking about Instagram and the ongoing changes the platform has been making.

For designers and artists it's become more challenging than ever to grow your brand using social media, but it is still possible and there is so much opportunity to connect with your potential clients there. So, pulling from my experience working one-on-one managing, growing and driving sales for jewelry brands, I wanted to share some thoughts, tips and best practices.

Here's a video sharing my thoughts, I've also outlined some of them below!

So, what has changed?

The algorithm has changed, so some of the techniques you’ve used in the past to grow your following and increase your engagement may not be working.

Here are some ways to to grow your following:

  • Shareable Content - Encouraging shares is the best way to increase your following! Think about quotes, thoughtful captions, relevant images and client photos.

  • Saveable Content - Instagram’s algorithm views saves as an indicator that the post is good and then show it to more people. Also a save means someone is planning to come back to the post in the future.

  • Personalize! - A beautifully curated feed with generic stock photos won’t work anymore. What sets your brand apart? Share more context and relatable content. This doesn’t mean you need to share your personal life or anything you feel uncomfortable putting on the internet, it means your content should be more casual, conversational. Avoid generic marketing to the masses, speak directly to your client.

  • Think Niche - Huge growth and being everything to everyone is no longer the goal! Lean into what makes your brand unique and put a strong focus on your ideal client. Conversations in the direct messages, incredible customer service and ‘you’ statements are key.

  • Try Reels - Instagram is prioritizing video, especially Reels. While they may seem overwhelming, these videos don't need to be overly edited. Simply try adding audio to a video of your jewelry. You can also create Reels using static images and create a slideshow.

  • Instagram Stories - While this isn't the place to post with the goal of growing your following, but they are important for engaging your current audience, which will ultimately help you grow. Try using all of the tools this portion of the platform has to offer like polls, question boxes and quizzes. Also, keep in mind that Instagram Stories is the best place for followers to access your Direct Messages.

Watch the video I created to learn about hashtags, the best time to post and how to engage your audience using Instagram Stories. Let me know if you try some of these ideas and find success or if you have any questions!

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