The Stay Gold Collective is an online community for independent jewelry designers who want to grow their business.


I started the program in early 2019  with a goal of providing affordable sales and marketing consulting to jewelry designers. What has grown from that has been incredible - a group of designers truly supporting each other. 
What does the membership include? 
Weekly trainings on Zoom 
Monthly interviews with industry experts 
A private forum for members to connect and ask questions 
Answers to your sales and marketing questions 
✨ Direct feed back about your brand 
✨ Access to the past two years of content (over 60 video trainings!)
A complimentary 30-minute consulting call when you sign up 



"Being part of Liz's Stay Gold Collective has been great for my business. Liz has taught me how to have a practical and stress-free Instagram strategy, she invites knowledgeable guests to talk to us about different topics in the industry, and I've found support among a bunch of new jewelry friends. I've learned what areas to focus on and where to not spin my wheels. Overall, Liz has helped me grow as a designer and businesswoman." - Hilary Finck

"Joining Stay Gold has been the single best investment I have made in my small business in 2021. It provides a vast array of practical, actionable advice and information from Liz and many other industry professionals. It also offers a fantastically supportive group of like minded business people, which you feel immediately, even if you can’t join in with the live sessions. Liz is so generous with her knowledge, expertise and network of professional connections. Within a few weeks of joining Stay Gold I had completely changed up my social marketing strategy and have had better results and spent less time each week creating content. I look forward to learning and growing with this essential business service for any independent jewelry brand in the market today. Thank you Liz, for keeping me sane on my craziest of days!" - Tamsin Rasor

"Stay Gold has been a total lifesaver for me as a business of one. Liz fosters a close knit community and regularly brings in industry insiders to discuss special topics. She brings a wealth of knowledge, support, and resources for all aspects of your business, and shares simple actionable steps and feedback that are truly invaluable." - Jera Lodge

"Stay Gold Collective is a must for anyone with a jewelry brand. Liz not only shares valuable information to help grow your business but also introduces you to a lot of key industry people." - Harlin Jones

"The Stay Gold Collective is a welcoming space filled with incredibly motivated and inspiring designers. The weekly calls are led by the endlessly supportive Liz Kantner who connects us with guest speakers who really dive deep into the how-to’s of jewelry marketing and small business management. I am so grateful for all I’ve learned, how much my business has grown, and the peace that has come from streamlining my business since joining!" - Carlie Ring, Morgan Patricia Designs

"The Stay Gold Collective has been an essential role in the success of my brand especially this past year. Liz and the community of designers in Stay Gold are great resources and cheerleaders for any jewelry entrepreneur. Liz gave me the propulsion to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful for her support." - Elise Thompson, Mejia Jewelry

"Liz's Patreon group is a forum where every member's input is appreciated. The industry experts she invites give actionable advice on a wide range of relevant topics. These attributes are valuable at any stage of brand development." - Carolina Cole, Intricate Jewelry

"I’ve known Liz now for 3 years and I love working with her. In addition to being a true advocate for emerging designers, she’s one of the kindest and most genuine human being. She knows the industry well and understands market trends. She’s able to sift through complex issues to tell a compelling story across various channels. She doesn’t shy away from giving her opinion and provides actionable feedback. Most importantly, she is extremely encouraging and supportive but not in a way that feels inauthentic. Her Patreon group has been extremely helpful as it provides a venue where designers can safely exchange ideas and solicit feedback. She is constantly tweaking things to provide most value to her community and I couldn’t be happier to have Joined her community." - Jennifer Tran, Millie & Noah

"Liz really wants to help emerging designers succeed with information that is often difficult to access." - Loren Nicole

"Such great, honest tips and feedback. The interviews are always interesting and I learn a lot, rather than repeating the same stories or tips we’ve all heard a million times. Liz also make it really easy to listen and watch... it takes no extra time out of my life to get the benefits." - Dana Bronfman

"For years I've been getting "business advice" from all kinds of people who think they can help me grow.....Lots of "you know what you oughta do..." Finding Liz Kantner and joining her Patreon page has been the best thing I ever did. For the first time I'm getting advice that actually resonates, because it's targeted to the needs of jewelry designers. Jewelry is such a strange and particular kind of business... Often what works in other industries just doesn't apply! Liz's extensive background in jewelry marketing gives her such a wealth of knowledge. I felt stuck in so many areas, but she has made it easy to ask all my questions, and get answers that really help! Her info has removed so much of my worry and confusion about how to even get started. Now, I have a growing confidence about PR & contacting stores, branding, pricing, and making my social media more effective. I especially appreciate her advice on how these are things we can do for ourselves. Thanks to Liz, this mountain in front of me is feeling much smaller. Pretty sure I can climb it now!" - Beth Wagner, Pinky Swear Jewelry

"I was introduced to Liz Kantner's Instagram and services a couple years ago by a fellow jeweler. Since then I’ve witnessed her track record for always being transparent and supportive of the brands she works with. Over the last few months it’s become clear that her passion to help the smaller brands and emerging artists is central to her work as well. Full-time consulting and PR services can financially cripple a small brand with monthly/hourly prices yet we still need advice and help-maybe not yet on a large scale. Liz’ Patreon feels like a bridging of the the gaps between trial/error and spending money too soon on higher priced consulting services. Her Patreon offers stories about her past experiences, trade show info, branding, pricing, live Q&A, and guest speakers on very specific topics. It’s collaborative which makes it feel personal and helpful. In a world of a lot of smoke in mirrors in the Demi-fine and fine jewelry industry, Liz’s attitude as well as her resources shared (for a suuuper reasonable fee and different levels on her Patreon) is a breath of fresh air. She’s supportive, responsive, and always keeps it real. The Patreon allows people who need beginner-intermediate help to get the simple resources and questions answered they need most while they build their brands." - Starr Miller

"My jewelry design business is on the verge of very real success however I need the support and knowledge of a jewelry industry pro, a boots on the ground at the trade shows veteran and a jewelry marketing professional. My first consultation with Liz was insightful, she immediately gave me a list of social media and marketing tasks to do (and not to do). Since implementing her advice I have raised my google ranking 16.8 points in just one month. As she said "consistency is key”. Liz evaluated my current situation and gave me creative advice and criticism that made complete sense. I see Liz as a valuable resource and a great accountability partner, she is very real and someone you can talk to.The Patreon platform with Liz is sweet. We have the opportunity to be live with Liz, ask questions, get answers and interact with the other members. Liz has presented extremely useful interviews with jewelry insiders on topics such as pricing, PR and social media." - Jane Bartel