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Stay Gold Collective Testimonials

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ten years ago, I fell in love with the jewelry design and creation process. Ever since then, I've been passionate about supporting independent jewelry artists, like you, who have unique vision and a contagious enthusiasm for the work they create. My goal is to help them tell their authentic stories and achieve success. This passion led to the Stay Gold Collective.

The Stay Gold Collective is a program I created to provide affordable sales and marketing consulting to jewelry designers. From monthly interviews with industry experts to weekly Zoom chats and feedback on your brand, this group will help you create a strategy to grow your business. Sign up now for access to the past two years of content and a complimentary 30-minute consulting call.

Below you'll read testimonials from some of the amazing designers in the community. If you're considering joining but aren't sure if it's a good fit for you, send me a message! I would love to chat.

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