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Subject Object offers unconventional Demi & Fine Jewelry. Our sculptural designs are available in curated capsule collections, and bespoke creations that are crafted for your ceremonies and rituals.

SUBJECT·OBJECT strives to reach a diverse audience, transcending traditional boundaries of age and gender, to connect with individuals who value creativity, individuality, and ethical consumerism. From our biannual collections of accessible art pieces to our custom alternative bridal and ceremonial jewelry, Subject Object simply wants to provide a different option to the status quo; for people that value work that doesn't compromise on values or vision. All jewellery is made in studio by Bramble Lee Pryde.

Bramble hasn't been in the group very long, only since November but says its already been really impactful.

"I joined as I was considering separating my jewelry out of my art practice, and with Liz's encouragement I took the leap. In my time with Stay Gold I have been creating my brand SUBJECT·OBJECT, along side watching the detailed content, resources and interviews that are available. It has profoundly helped the set up of the brand, as I have a library of insight, in person guidance and a community of other jewellers with varied experiences to dial into."

Bramble's biggest takeaway is that sales are service, "I struggle with the idea of need for jewellery, so in turn I hesitate to talk about my work in that way. So realigning to the idea that I am providing a service, it has helped me share my work and discuss my work in a different capacity that is more conversational and less transactional."

"The Stay Gold Collective is the community I've been needing since I live in a city that isn't exactly known for its artistry or designers."

Follow SUBJECT·OBJECT on Instagram and learn more about the brand here.

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