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Meet Laura Kass

Laura's jewelry brand is best known for its creative, fine and demi-fine pieces. I focus on handcrafting jewelry from consciously-collected fibers, metals, and precious/semiprecious gems. She often use recycled metals, silk, silver and 14k gold thread to create unique custom pieces for casual and formal wear. All of her work is designed and personally created in New York City where she collaborates closely with each client to highlight her personal style.

Since joining the Stay Gold Collective three years ago, Laura has doubled her business.

She says, "Overall, I feel so much more confident in all aspects of my business since joining the Stay Gold Collective. This confidence has helped me when relating to clients, suppliers, and retail partners. I attribute much of my success in the past few years to being a member of the Stay Gold Collective. It has helped my brand grow in many ways and I truly appreciate everything about it!"

Follow Laura on Instagram to learn more about her collection.

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