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Meet Initial Love Jewelry

At Initial Love Jewelry, Arin makes dainty, meaningful jewelry for the modern woman. She is inspired by the beauty of natural elements and femininity, her collections contain delicate stack rings, hand stamped personalized jewelry, and basic layering pieces with versatility.

Arin has only been a member for a month, but has already started implementing the strategies on content planning and marketing recently, and she's already received 3 orders from the 3 posts that she put up.

When asked about her biggest takeaways since joining, she says, "The one-on-one call with Liz was very helpful ! She gave me advice and feedback and answered questions solely about my business. I felt like she was a friend right away! It was what I needed to be accountable to someone who was waiting to see what I was going to do next. I really am blown away by all of the information provided and how Liz is so knowledgeable on the jewelry industry specifically in marketing and business."

And she continues, "There is so much value ! I’m so glad that I found this group with a community. Now I don’t feel alone in what I am doing."

Learn more about Arin and her collection, Initial Love Jewelry, here.

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