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Meet Flavia Bennett Designs

Updated: May 14

Flavia makes minimalist architectural jewelry in brushed silver and oxidized silver with 14k gold details for men and women who appreciate simplicity when accessorizing.

She's been a member of the Stay Gold Collective for about a month and says, "Though it has only been a little over a month, I have so much more clarity on what needs to be done and I am not wasting time on smaller superfluous tasks. I have been learning so much from the huge library of videos and Liz has put me in contact with 2 great local photographers, who I'm looking forward to working with."

Flavia shares, "Having a community like Stay Gold Collective and Liz on your side is a game changer. It keeps me accountable and working towards my goals. I wish I had joined Stay Gold Collective sooner! The value is insane! If you are wondering if you should join, do it!"

Follow Flavia on Instagram here and visit her website to learn more about her brand.

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