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Meet Dante Perozzi jewelry

Dante's background is in sculpture and she has always been unafraid to dive in to new mediums with the intention of adding a new skill to her sculpture making toolkit. The metals courses she had only meant to dip her toes into had her diving in to jewelry making whole heartedly. Today Dante makes wearable sculptures & demi-fine jewelry that infuse art into your everyday. She works in her backyard she-shed in Colorado with recycled metals, 7 fingers, and heaps of heart. 

Dante joined the community four years ago. She says, "When I first joined - I saw some names in the group of designers that were existing members. These were people I had been following and admiring before learning about the group. I immediately experienced some major impostor syndrome and wasn't sure how it could be possible to share the same space with some of these incredible designers. After participating in my first few chats I quickly felt at home. I frequently tap into the group resources whether via chats with other members or by researching the goldmine of relevant material in the's helped me grow my creative and business practices so much!"

Her biggest takeaway since joining is that, "It's easy to forget what you're aiming for. Having other colleagues around to reach out to and have chats with continues to help me refocus on what it is I am growing here."

"The Stay Gold Collective is the best resource for independent self made jewelry brands hands down. I have looked long and hard and found nothing else to compare. The best."

Follow Dante on Instagram and explore her collection here.

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