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Meet Beth E. Coiner

Beth is a modern dancer, turned bespoke jeweler. In her creative process, the jewelry is the dancer and the wearer is the stage. Her bespoke projects are an intimate, tailor-made process of repurposing under worn, or family heirloom jewelry into a re-imagined custom design for my clients. Along with Beth's commissioned bespoke designs, creating jewelry collections and jewelry movement projects are a continuation of her artistry.

Beth joined at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then she has been able to launch a new website on Shopify, grow her social media and email marketing. lean into the bespoke jewelry part of her business for a higher-end fine jewelry clientele and create systems for better marketing and customer outreach.

"I've been making jewelry for a long time and until the Stay Gold Collective, I felt very isolated. Typically, with the jewelry industry, there just hadn't been a lot of support and sharing of resources. You had to figure it all out on your own. Now, I'm part of this very supportive community. I wish this had been around when I first started out. Younger brands really have access to a valuable resource with the community, setting themselves up for great success. I love this community that Liz has created for emerging designers. I've been at this for a while, but still emerging with my jewelry business."

Follow Beth on Instagram and check out her website!

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