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Follow Your Passion

If there's one piece of advice I'd give to every jewelry designer it's to lean into your niche. Nothing else will have as big of an impact on your business. 

I'm sending you an email about this now for a couple of reasons. First because I know by this point in the year, and especially with the horrible things happening in the world, many business owners are feeling burnt out. If you're feeling this way too, reconnecting with your WHY can help you move forward. 

The second reason is because the Stay Gold Collective and I recently had an opportunity to chat with Laura Fortune, a very talented enamel artist. Something she shared during the interview was, "Following your wild idea is really special because it’s what makes you, you. Look back at your old sketchbooks, what made you excited? Lean into it! It’s going to be good! It’s going to make you feel good too!" 

We all left the conversation feeling inspired, so I wanted to pass this thought along in the hope of inspiring you as well.  

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