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Content Planning

This week I hosted a webinar about content planning. I chose this topic because I often speak with designers who are stuck on what and when to share or simply feel that they don't have the time.

Thinking ahead will make it easier for you to create consistent content with a clear message and doing this will increase your visibility, your engagement, and ultimately, your sales. The goal of this webinar was to walk you through how to get started.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from designers who joined live:

"Loved your webinar! Some great tips in general and really lit a fire under me to start an email list!" "You put my mind at ease about repetition being ok and even a positive. Working with a theme, so helpful." "I really liked seeing your monthly plan. I’ve found some rhythm working in themes for the week, but monthly give me hope to plan newsletters." "I found the aligning content process helpful, especially seeing your content document and how you break it down."

Here is the link to the replay. After you watch, let me know what you learned!

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