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Year after year wins

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed about goal setting is just how different each person’s approach is.

You might have exact benchmarks worked out with scheduled check-ins, an overall sentiment or single word that acts as a north star, a sweet reward system worked out to keep you motivated… you might even have all of the above. 

As a creative, there’s no one right way to do business (which is why my goal is to help you move your business forward year after year in a way that works for you.)

Year after year growth can look like a lot of things… 

💎 "My annual income has doubled! I am more confident making all business related decisions." - Laura Kass, Laura Kass Jewelry 

💎  "I've made more money while doing less work and I've clarified my brand. Now I'm doing it all my own way." - Creek Van Houten, Compass Rose Design  

💎 "As a new business I've gotten clearer on where to put my energy, time and money!" - Lori Aks Rosenberg, Lori Aks Jewelry

💎 "I've gotten into a serious groove with my content creation." - Lori Francescutti, Ignis Borealis 

💎 "I did an email campaign for a new collection and almost sold out on the first day!" - Heather Kita, Heather Kita Jewelry 

These are just some of the incredible wins that members of The Stay Gold Collective have seen.

Looking for strategic business support and an industry-exclusive community just for jewelers? 

When you join The Stay Gold Collective, you can connect with me weekly in a virtual space full of like-minded colleagues and frequented by guest experts to get direct feedback about your brand, sales, and marketing PLUS access to our growing vault of over 150 video trainings.

👉 Get all the details on how to start your first month and book your complimentary consulting call here

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