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With gratitude for community

Updated: Feb 21

This time of year, the wise words of the late jewelry mentor Cindy Edelstein often come to mind… 

There’s room for everyone in this industry. 

It’s a belief that I’ve seen play out time and time again in my personal journey through the jewelry industry – from my early years working with Todd Reed to the work I do in The Stay Gold Collective today. 

👉 No matter what your style or skill level and no matter what your background or business is like, as long as you’re true to your voice, there IS room for everyone.That truth can be hard to recognize when you work in solitude like many jewelers. It’s something I personally relate to and was a big motivator in starting the collective.

As someone who can often be the quiet one in the room, I know that there’s real power to being a part of those conversations, in whatever measure that takes. 

It was so important to create a space where there are even perks to being a wallflower because community can be the secret to breaking those feelings of imposter syndrome and isolation, even if you’re mostly there to listen, learn, and lurk a little. 💖

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I have to admit… I don’t keep a daily gratitude journal, but every day, I’m grateful for my community. We really are in it together, and that’s all the more important inching toward the busy holiday sales season. No matter where you’re at in your journey, I’m glad you’re here. 

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