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The Stay Gold Collective Turns Five!

It was this month, five years ago, that I launched the Stay Gold Collective

The initial idea came from several places, but the most important one was the need that I saw for community and education in the jewelry industry. 

I’ve curated emerging and independent designer sections for a number of trade shows throughout my career. Whether the group was 10, 15, or 40+ brands, one thing was always true: I saw lasting relationships form between designers as they came together to support each other in ways I could never have expected. 

The Emerging Fine Jewelry Designer Incubator at the recent NY NOW Show is a perfect example. The encouragement these 12 designers offered each other was incredible - and you know what? Because of their positivity and support for each other, everyone was more successful.

The jewelry industry is not an easy one to enter. There was (and still is) very little educational support for independent designers. I already offered one-on-one consulting services, but I wanted to create something broader, something that would be accessible to independent designers.

That idea was the seed that grew into The Stay Gold Collective. 

Since 2019, The Stay Gold Collective has evolved in so many ways. In addition to live trainings, direct feedback, and access to a private community of like-minded jewelers, we now offer hundreds of original educational videos covering everything from marketing and sales to contracts and accounting, as well as exclusive recorded interviews with some of the industry’s top experts, designers, and retailers. It’s all available to rewatch, with more videos added every week. 

But what designers are most drawn to – and why some members have been with me since day one – is the community.

It has been a privilege to watch you all learn and grow these past five years, and to learn and grow beside you. I am so excited to see what we can do together moving forward. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Stay Gold Collective’s first five years. And if you’re seeking community, send me a message, I’d love to tell you more. 

Over the month I’ll be sharing interviews with some of our members. I hope you enjoy! 

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