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Meet Sandrine B.

Sandrine is a New York-based jewelry designer who blends artistry with mindful craftsmanship. She believes in wearable art as a means to preserve memory and amplify the beauty of nature. She infuses a story into each piece she makes and then name the piece after what it represents to her, whether that’s a person, something in nature, or a place. Sandrine's jewelry is made with recycled metals, fair-mined gold, and responsibly-sourced gemstones.

Sandrine has been a member of the Stay Gold Collective for three years. Her favorite part is the focus on community and collaboration provides a supportive environment for independent jewelry artists like me to define their voices and succeed in a competitive industry.

"The most enriching aspect of being part of the Stay Gold Collective for me is undoubtedly the profound sense of community and camaraderie it fosters. This collective, tailored specifically for jewelers, offers more than just a professional network; it’s a nurturing space where experiences are shared, lessons are learned collectively, and individualized guidance on creative work and marketing is readily available. The ability to connect and interact with fellow jewelry professionals, all navigating similar paths of challenges and successes, adds immense value to my experience.

This community-centric environment is further enhanced by the extensive learning opportunities it provides. The collective organizes regular live training sessions, features interviews with industry leaders, and offers an extensive library of video tutorials, all of which are instrumental in exposing members to fresh ideas and innovative business strategies. This continuous stream of expert knowledge and resources is crucial for the growth and development of any jewelry business. It aids members in refining their marketing techniques and in elevating their brand’s market presence."

She also says, "The opportunity to engage in regular, live trainings and gain direct feedback on brand and marketing strategies stands out as a significant benefit. These resources enable me to fine-tune my approach to marketing, helping me to connect more effectively with my target audience and distinguish my brand in a crowded marketplace."

Follow Sandrine on Instagram and explore her collection here.

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