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Meet Ofrenda Jewelry

Through Ofrenda jewelry, Cecilia wants to help people reconnect with their hearts by seeking wisdom from ancient principles and inspiration from the natural world. She hopes to create jewelry that empowers your inner strength, inspires personal growth and moves you towards your mission.

Cecilia shares, " I joined the Stay Gold Collective when I realized that the jewelry I was designing had two "problems": it didn't really speak to who I was and what I would wear myself, and conceptually it was all over the place. It took introspection and simplification to re-conceptualize who I was as a jeweler, what type of jewelry I wanted to do and what themes I wanted to pursue. This is all still in the works, but I feel that I have arrived (or am still arriving) at a streamlined brand story that speaks to me and makes sense and can make an impact, and making some changes to the jewelry design to reflect these aspirations. Arriving at a clearer story is allowing me to now delve into what I want to say, how to say it and how to go about sharing these insights with the world and making jewelry that can reveal these ideas."

After being a member for a year she is more clear on her brand pillars, how they interact together to create an authentic content framework and is still working on how to express all this in my outreach and social media. She also did a DIY re-brand and hired some help.

"Community and being part of a group, the one-hour webinars, knowing that I can chat with Liz sometimes to share ideas. Don't miss all you can learn with your peers as well as Liz - there's a wealth of wisdom in community!"

Learn more about Ofrenda Jewelry here and follow Cecilia on Instagram here.

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