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Meet Morgan Patricia Designs

Morgan Patricia Designs is an organic line of hand-carved jewelry inspired by Carlie's childhood spent on sunny beaches, California’s rugged coastline, treasured trips to the Hawaiian Islands, and dreams of faraway tropical lands. Her tiny wearable sculptures escape reality and float in an ethereal world of seashells, sharks, and mermaids in 14k gold and a rainbow assortment of opals, vibrant gemstones, and a splash of diamonds. With an intimate connection to the sea, her work is intended to spread the joy of a rainbow, warm (miniature) hugs, the soothing energy of the moon, and wearable sparks of sunshine. She believes in designing jewelry you can live in; small sculpted pieces of paradise to be loved and meant for any occasion. 

Carlie joined the Stay Gold Collective in 2020. She shares, "Each year since joining has been more successful than the last. I base that on not only the number of sales, but the quality of relationships with my clients, and the ability and confidence to properly charge for my work. I still have my moments of stress and anxiety, but overall I'm much more at peace with how streamlined and organized I feel day to day."

Her biggest takeaway since joining is, "Consistency, with what may look like the smallest of steps, can have a huge impact! That knowledge can apply to most facets in a jewelry business, and while I “knew” that was true… it took hearing that advice consistently from Liz and the group to really hit home."

And she shares her favorite part of being a member, "Our weekly calls are conversational vs school or class-like, which makes the amount of information and real learning opportunities so much easier to absorb and apply to our individual brands. We’re able to communicate our excitement, concerns, and support in a space that truly feels judgment free. I find myself re-watching many of the calls because her expert guest speakers and designers take the time and care to dive deep into their banks of knowledge and share. The openness to sharing is really inspiring as the jewelry industry is constantly changing, and I think we’re all learning that we’ll do better, learn more, and go farther as a community."

"So many tidbits I write down during calls as little notes to leave as reminders around my bench... Focusing on your strengths and passions is always your best and brightest path. Nothing is linear. Ask questions! Nurture those one-on-one client relationships. And also, taking a breath and much needed rest is a win."

Follow Carlie and her brand Morgan Patricia Designs on Instagram and see more of her work on her website.

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