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Meet Mejia Jewelry

Mejia Jewelry is founded by Elise Thompson and embodies a playful and refined aesthetic that pays tribute to her life stories as well as to her custom clients. Elise is creating future heirlooms using precious metals, diamonds, and colored gemstones, while creating a tactile relationship between the jewel and wearer. "Mejia" is a Greek word meaning "wear it in good health" and the jewelry she creates is infused with good vibes of health and happiness and above else, Elise wants the jewelry to bring you JOY!

Elise has been a member of the Stay Gold Collective since the beginning. When asked if her business has grown she said, "It has grown immensely. I started out with no real business objectives. It was just to make jewelry and see what sells. Now I have a real business plan, instagram following, newsletter list, newsletter into series, email plan. I know how to price now and have started a small wholesale account to my business. I feel like I know what I'm doing now!"

Her favorite thing about being a member is, "COMMUNITY! I have found life long friends in the collective and I have a better handle on my business all around."

She also shared, "I love the weekly meetings and having so much knowledge at my fingertips. I want to collect all the information I can."

Follow along with Mejia Jewelry on Instagram and learn more about the brand here.

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