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Meet Lori Aks Jewelry

Lori Aks Jewelry exists to create hand fabricated art jewelry that brings meaning and psychological significance to the wearer. The beauty in relational bonds is explored in curving and connected handmade metal forms and gemstones. Lori's artistic vision comes from her observations of life as a psychologist and her desire to highlight the importance of mental health through art. Every purchase gives back to the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

Lori joined the Stay Gold Collective two years ago and since joining she's created a email marketing strategy and grew her list, increased engagement on all social channels and improved sales at in person events.

Her biggest takeaway is to be consistent about marketing and organic growth will follow.

When asked about her favorite thing about bring a member, she said, "The artist talks are so great! I am really appreciative of all the support Liz and the group has generously provided someone new to the jewelry business."

Learn more about Lori's collection here and follow her story on Instagram.

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