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Meet Lisa Kramer Vintage Collection

Lisa Kramer Vintage Collection offers antique and vintage jewelry selected with an eye towards design and history, informed by my former career as an architect and my undergraduate degree in anthropology. Lisa loves the artistry of jewelry and how each piece distills elements of its era's design into beautiful wearable sculpture. Each piece in the collection has been meticulously researched and she loves to share that information at shows and on her website.

Lisa, who has been a member for 4 years, loves "the community of the collective and the information shared by members and by Liz."

"Liz is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and has provided wonderful insights for the launch of my new website. It's also great to be part of a community of independent designers, and not just the antique jewelry dealers that I come into contact with during the course of my usual work."

Follow Lisa on Instagram and see her curated selection of vintage jewels on her website.

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