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Meet KK Wearable Sculpture

Kathleen designs on the computer, 3D prints and casts her pieces in silver - a material she loves. The flexibility of silver and the computer gives her the ability to do just about anything she can think of. So her work is personal and eclectic.

Since she joined, her business has grown in unexpected ways, such as gaining over 100 new email signups at two in-person shows.

Kathleen's favorite part of being a member of the community is listening to other jewelers share their stories.

She also shares, "Marketing is not part of my skill set. I tried other groups and places. The thing about this group is that you learn more by osmosis. Liz gives suggestions, but I've found that if I follow them, I'm not learning what I think, I'm learning what I need. For example, instead of considering marketing as something foreign to tack on to making, I'm learning how to integrate it into my process so that it comes more naturally."

Follow KK Wearable Sculpture on Instagram and explore the collection of unique jewels here.

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