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Meet Jennifer Hillyer Jewelry

Jewelry can be a touchpoint for joy and a sense of magic and discovery in our everyday lives. Jennifer wants to remind people to tap back into that child-like feeling and our shared human experience, by connecting them to pieces that feel special and personal, in styles that are timeless and accessible.

Since joining the Stay Gold Collective three years ago, Jennifer has learned so much more about marketing, built her following up and grown her average order value gradually. Overall, her revenue has increased 20-25% year over year.

Her biggest takeaway? "Jewelry is a service, people WANT what you have to offer, and you have to put yourself out there way more than what is "comfortable" in order to grow."

She shares that her favorite part of being in the community is "getting to tap into the collective wisdom of the jewelry industry - when I first started it felt like so many people kept their connections and experience close to the vest, but Liz makes that world feel really accessible."

"I love this community and I've gotten so much more comfortable speaking up and reaching out. Every conversation is so important because you don't know what doors it might open. This includes conversations with my clients & conversations with other members of the jewelry community."

Follow Jennifer on Instagram and discover her gorgeous collection here.

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