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Meet In the Light of Day Jewelry

Margaret Athanas founded In the Light of Day Jewelry to provide heirloom quality pieces made with intention while maintaining integrity through sourcing transparency and environmental awareness. A female founded studio based in North Carolina: each piece uses carefully sourced stones and recycled gold because we care about the impact our products have on other people’s lives.

"Joining has brought me clarity and focus on my goals and how to accomplish them. Plus endless resources to make those goals reality!"

Margaret, who has been in the community for under a year, says that her biggest takeaway is that, "Planning is everything and allows for more successful creative work!"

"The Stay Gold Collective is community of like minded individuals spearheaded by someone who really cares! I wish I had this community years ago because I already feel more on track for success than with the business I had for 10 years."

Follow In the Light of Day Jewelry on Instagram, and see more of the beautiful work here.

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