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Meet Amanda K Lockrow

Amanda creates reiki charged gemstone jewelry that is designed so you can carry a little magic and intention wherever this journey takes you. She loves the story that a piece of jewelry holds within and how that story unfolds as the piece is worn. Every piece is handcrafted in her studio in Los Angeles using traditional metalsmithing techniques and gemstones she has sourced from around the world.

"My business has been going through a lot of changes since I joined three years ago, so I'm just grateful for Liz and the groups support and guidance as I find my footing in the next chapter."

Amanda's biggest takeaway is to always tell your story, know your brand values and keep showing up.

"The community of other designers and hearing from experts in all parts of the jewelry world is my favorite thing about the Stay Gold Collective. I've been a member of a bunch of other trade groups but this one is where I have gotten the most guidance and support truly. Liz has created something really special."

Follow Amanda on Instagram and learn more about her collection by visiting her website.

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