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In the spirit of togetherness

Living in a small town, time slows down around the holidays. 

Quaint as it may be, each year my son and I eagerly anticipate the Christmas parade, tree lighting, and countless other joyful and fleeting moments. 

Being a part of an industry that can range from busy to brutal this time of year, it takes a conscious decision to step back in the month of December – but that little bit of breathing room is so crucial to enjoying what’s in front of you now and celebrating all that has already come to be in your year. This year, I’m celebrating the collaborative opportunities I’ve had…

💎 The Success with Jewelry Podcast that I host with the incredible Laryssa Wirstiuk weekly

💎 The monthly Jewelry Wishlist featuring JB Jones, myself, and special guests 

💎 The Stay Gold Collective NYC Jewelry Week collaboration with Specific Gravity in Brooklyn

Having collaborators doesn’t just make the impossible possible, it makes it a lot of fun too.

As someone who always seems to have more ideas than time, I’m so excited to be continuing these partnerships into the new year.And I’m encouraging you to try a little collaboration for yourself! An event at a cool local venue or a photoshoot with an artisanal fashion brand that matches your style could be just the thing to jumpstart your January. 

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