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Community is everything

Last week I took a whirlwind trip to NYC! 

If you’re a member of the Stay Gold Collective then you've already heard all of my thoughts about the trades shows I attended and what's going on in the industry. And if you're a Success with Jewelry listener, then you'll hear more of my thoughts on the podcast soon. 

Something I’m reminded of time and time again, especially after a trip like this is that community is everything. While I'm proud of the virtual community I've created in the Stay Gold Collective, nothing beats meeting people in person and having conversations face-to-face.

So I wanted to send this email to first of all thank everyone who attended our meet-up, it was amazing to connect with so many talented designers, but also to encourage you to show up! Say yes to the invitation, attend the event and seek connection. It pays off in so many ways. 

But if we can't meet in person, I'd love to chat here. Get out and make connections in your local community, then tell me about them! And stay tuned for more meet-ups…

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