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And then there was jewelry!

The moment I knew I wanted to work exclusively with jewelers was the first time I saw a piece of metal shaped into a work of art… 

I was working with Todd Reed who had glass walls throughout his studio that showcased his master goldsmiths at work creating masterpieces out of melted gold. 

Watching this transformation left me truly captivated by the art form for the first time.

It’s an experience I’d find myself repeating again when buying my first investment piece: a Polly Wales pendant that I still wear most days. 

Like Todd, the art she creates is revolutionary – and it looks really good with everything. 

Those who know me (and my jewelry box) know that I’m all about the story behind the pieces from both the artist and wearer.

From my grandmother’s birth year to pieces made by dear friends and clients to aquamarines that represent my son (after a lifetime of overlooking birthstones too)...

There’s nothing quite like jewelry that has such a transformative power to tell my ever-evolving story. 

👉 And I know I’m not the only one!

This week I want to challenge you to share the pieces that are most sentimental to you.

Bring together pieces that were gifted to you years ago and pieces you’ve just finished on the bench. Bring their inspiration out into the light and invite your clients to do the same.

You might be amazed at how deeply others connect with your story through jewelry.

Shine on,


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