Zink Metals From Afar Necklace

Zink Metals From Afar Necklace

"As an artist who thrives on exploring material properties, I was excited to see that keum-boo was a process that could be executed on steel in addition to the traditional silver medium.  The San Diego Jewelry Lab was hosting several Zoom-based sessions of this process, taught by Bette Barnett.  The class was to meet three times in that week of June 2020 from 6-8pm Pacific time.  Being on Eastern time, my class times would be from 9-11pm, so this was going to be a true commitment for me.  And yet I was thrilled for the opportunity to be a part of these workshops being held across the country.  Fortunately, I could participate from the comfort of my own home, which was great.  In the beginning of the first session, both Bette and the Jewelry Lab co-owner Ame Stanko were surprised to see that there were a few of us Eastern time zone participants.  I got the sense that, in that moment, they realized the reach that these online courses could have.  The community that could be built from this unprecedented global pandemic could reach much farther than the local San Diego jewelry audience, and somehow unite us all together as we continue to create in such a time of uncertainty.  The imperfect bonds between the gold and steel are captivating to me, so this piece embodies my experience with creating a new kind of community in such a precarious time."


Product details:

Mild steel, 23.5k gold keum-boo, stainless steel neckwire


Zink Metals