The Oak & the Fern Golden Afternoon Ring

The Oak & the Fern Golden Afternoon Ring



"Two years ago, I planted a cottage flower garden alongside a bustling neighborhood sidewalk adjacent to our small North Florida home. As the pandemic moved across our landscape and into our consciences, I observed as the sidewalk traffic slowed, halted, once again resumed, and finally flourished as tentative neighbors retreated back into the outdoors after months inside. The garden has been a place to sow fistfulls of seeds offered up from neighboring plots, watch as leaves unfurl and buds come into blossom, welcome pollinators and other critters busy with their own communities, and connect to passersby who bask in its wonders and tiny amusements. The Golden Afternoon Ring is inspired by this tuft of land, its micro scale, the hope that blooms within it, and the community it harbors, even in a time of such uncertainty."


Product details: 

10k yellow gold, Rose Cut Copper Rutilated Quartz

Size 6.25 - 6.5



The Oak and the Fern