Susan Crow Branch Post Earrings

Susan Crow Branch Post Earrings


"Everything we have that is made (not grown) is touched by design - isn’t that the best? 


Whether it’s the interpretation of the subtle bend of a line to resemble a blade of grass in the wind or the sensual curve of a sculpted form, design directs our ethereal emotional response.


I love to make jewelry based on this unadulterated love for design. 


Beautiful objects that are made should also come with a transparent story about how they were created and who’s hands touched them in their journey from raw materials into a finished piece of jewelry. 


The Rhodolite Garnets and the 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver  in these earrings  are responsibly sourced - which to me, means more than a statement of intent. It means that I have worked really hard to make sure that my materials are as responsibly sourced as possible." 


Product details: 

Rose colored 5.5mm responsibly sourced Rhodolite Garnet cabochons are bezel set in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver.

2" long                                                                                   



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