Sarah Holden Engraved Hoops Finale

Sarah Holden Engraved Hoops Finale


"When the world shut down in March 2020, my studio practice, my busy travel life, my engagement with the outside world all crashed into our new reality.  Within a span of 5 days, in less than one week, I went from preparing to fly to another state to sheltering in place in my home in Chicago.  I still can’t believe how fast it happened. It was scary and unpredictable and in a crazy way, the new unknown created this opportunity to connect with everyone, because we were all experiencing it at the same time.


I am lucky to have my own studio space, but my kids were now home with me and we were on the virtual schooling adventure together during the week so I only got to go to my studio to make work on the weekends, two days instead of five.  Honestly, there was a fuck it moment, where I just decided to make some more exploratory work than try to crank out a bunch of inventory for shows that weren’t happening, because it just wasn’t possible.


There was so much death happening. I was drawn to sentimental jewelry, which often holds a lock of hair of a loved one who has passed, surrounded by some of the most incredible engravings to commemorate that person’s importance. Since March of 2020 I have continued to practice and push my engraving skills. My work often uses line to express form and engraving was an elegant new way to express line.  This summer I challenged myself to create a new piece of engraved work every week and release it virtually to my Instagram and Facebook audience.  


The piece that I am showing for this exhibition, Engraved Hoops Finale, are a pair of engraved hoop earrings that reflect successful experimentation choices from my summer engraving challenge. The choices made on the engraved design, size of hoops, finish of hoop and format of the hoop were tested on and shaped by feedback from my online community."


Product details: 

- Engraved sterling silver hoop earrings 



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