Sandrine B. Seashell Necklace

Sandrine B. Seashell Necklace


"I thought of this piece for the upcoming exhibition because it is a snapshot of my brand's values and a reminiscence of my happy place during a recent summer vacation: the piece is made from fairmined gold with a seashell found on a beach in Florida.  I joined the fairmined community this year and I took a getaway vacation in July 2021 for the first time since February 2020.  


Throughout the pandemic I partook in conversations with over jewelers about sustainability and responsible sourcing of metals and gemstones.  I joined the fairmined community not too long ago and this is the third piece that I made out of fairmined gold.  I had an amazing time this summer in Florida.  I picked up this seashell from the beach sand because it looks like a heart shape to me.  


This piece represents a moment in time of happiness and I hope that the wearer will find pleasure in wearing it with the assurance that it is uniquely hers and the gold pendant is responsibly sourced."



Product details:

- 14K fairmined pink gold bezel and 18 inch long yellow gold filled chain 

seashell found on the beach of Lauderdale by the Sea  

- Measuring height 18mm with the bail and about 15 mm wide



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