Palm Sunday ‘Mio & Tuo’ Ring

Palm Sunday ‘Mio & Tuo’ Ring


The design was inspired by both antique snake rings and moi et toi rings, both styles that wrap around or “hug” the finger- a sensation that was important to me to include in a style meant to keep loved ones close.


The two circles are positioned in a ying & yang arrangement, symbolizing the balance that many relationships require.


The ‘Mio & Tuo’ Ring from Palm Sunday symbolizes the bonds between us. During the pandemic, as we were physically isolated for so long, many jewelry lovers began searching for jewelry that could represent a significant other or someone else we wanted to keep close with us. The Mio & Tuo Ring was created to be a solution to that search- a ring that can be customized with either a pair of emotionally significant stones or engraved initials representing a special couple, “Me & You.”


The 14ky gold ring is adjustable from a size 5 to 9. Customization is available for an extra $40 for two initials, or contact me for stone prices.



Palm Sunday