Morgan Partricia Amphitrite’s Heart Pendant

Morgan Partricia Amphitrite’s Heart Pendant


"This intarsia heart hangs on what I imagine the crown of the Greek goddess of the sea, Amphitrite, to look like. It features a hand carved crown cast in warm 14k yellow gold with a spark of diamonds, detailed sea life, sweet pink opal, and a bold flash of labradorite.


The social disconnection and solitude of 2020 took an emotional toll on us all. In response, I dove deep into a new collection in search for a more open, grateful, and empathetic heart. Meant to wear like a warm embrace, my aim was to instill interpersonal connection and self love with the “Joyful Heart” collection. To me, the ocean symbolizes our strength in times of change or chaos, the perfect theme for crowning these intarsia hearts." 


-Intarsia heart with labradorite and Peruvian pink opal

-Hand carved crown cast in 14k yellow gold

-0.015 ctw white diamonds

-18" 14k yellow gold chain



Morgan Patricia Designs