Mercurius Kambaba Jasper & Montana Sapphire Cauldron Half Moon Pendant

Mercurius Kambaba Jasper & Montana Sapphire Cauldron Half Moon Pendant


"A piece of jewelry is a micro-community - disparate materials brought together and formed into something entirely new. In the final synthesis you see a single object. Yet every individual part has its own story and unique beauty lending to a greater whole.


The story of this pendant spans multiple continents, eras, communities of people, and even includes ancient microorganisms. Each component material represents a vast network of partners in the process of creating the finished jewelry piece.


Kambaba Jasper comprises a fossilized colony of blue-green algae interlaced with quartz. The fully traceable Montana Sapphire was mined, faceted and sold to us by one family. The recycled gold represents another community of people, unknown to us, who also cherished this timeless material - the original miners, the previous craftspeople who worked it, and the former jewelry wearers.


These histories are now bonded in a magical new story. 


Our intention in creating this collection is for you to pour your personal intention into the Cauldron, and wear the piece as an empowered talisman to invoke your chosen energy in daily life. 


You, as the wearer, are a vital part of the story, as the piece isn’t quite done fully coming into being until this final step."


Product details: 

  • 14K Recycled Yellow Gold
  • Handcarved Kambaba Jasper
  • 16mm x 14mm Half Moon
  • 4mm Green Montana Sapphire (H)
  • Send us a message for details about adding a chain.



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