Madeline Davy Mesa Earrings

Madeline Davy Mesa Earrings


"During the pandemic, my family got together with a couple of other families for weekly hikes around LA. We connected through our kids and initially saw this ritual as a desperate attempt to get them out of the house. Over the course of the past year and half, however, we really bonded with one another--we could collectively vent our frustrations or laugh about the shared plight of the quarantined parent. Meanwhile these short hikes became longer, more challenging treks and camping trips. Throughout this time, I found endless inspiration in the nature we experienced together. I am so proud of our kids and their enthusiasm for the natural world. They notice things--often small and subtle--while digging in the dirt that grownups tend to miss. 


The mesa earrings are based on the large layered monolithic rocks that we encountered on our adventures, rescaled to something you might find while digging away in the dirt."


Product details: 


Solid Sterling Silver/18K Solid Gold

Ships within 2-3 weeks of order

Handmade in Los Angeles

Dimensions: Approximately 3/8" W x 3/4" H. Inside hollowed out to reduce weight.



Madeline Davy