Lisa Kramer Antique Margot de Taxco Zodiac Pendant (Scorpio)

Lisa Kramer Antique Margot de Taxco Zodiac Pendant (Scorpio)


"This sterling and enamel pendant is by Margot van Voorhies Carr, known as “Margot de Taxco”. Margot was a pioneering woman jewelry designer who introduced the use of enamel into Mexican jewelry.

After moving to Mexico in 1937 Margot married Antonio Castillo and became the principal designer for “Los Castillo”, her husband’s family’s business. After divorcing Antonio Castillo Margot opened “Margot de Taxco” in 1948 and remained in business until the mid-1970’s.

Margot designed everything that her company produced and had a book of instructions and drawings for each piece of jewelry detailing their construction and finishing. Though her taller (workshop) also produced beautiful repousse silver, she is best known for her champleve enamel work, which can be seen in this zodiac pendant.

Margot’s design and marketing philosophy were spelled out on her business card which read: “As the stars are to the Night, so are the Jewels to the Woman”. When I started my prior career as an architect and construction manager, women were in a minority (and still are in construction). So I am especially drawn to the work of pioneering women jewelry designers like Margot de Taxco."


Sterling silver and enamel, 1-3/4” diameter. It can be worn as a pendant or large charm (Margot made several different styles of charm bracelets on which to hang them).



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