Laura Kass Sapphire City Lights Necklace

Laura Kass Sapphire City Lights Necklace


"This is the 'Sapphire City Lights Necklace,' handmade with my community in mind. This past Spring 2021, my clients were requesting jewelry with lots of 'protective' gemstones. They would ask for a specific color or style and then say, "Could you please just add some really protective gems to my necklace or bracelet?" After some research I decided to include the following gemstones to most of my designs: clear rutilzated quartz crystals, sapphires, moonstones, zircon and labradorite. Then, at local shows in the Spring and Summer of 2021 whenever anyone learned that my jewelry had those particular gems they made a quick decision to purchse. Protection was certainly on the mind of many in my community, perhaps as a buffer or safeguard. They were all looking for additional support in uncertain times. I'm glad my jewelry can add a sense of security."


Product details:

- Protective gemstones: Faceted Sapphires, Clear Rutilated Quartz, Moonstones, Zircons and Labradorite 

- Silk, cotton and 14k gold thread

- 14K gold-filled clasp and chain



Laura Kass