Kelty Pelechytik Lovers Eye Ring

Kelty Pelechytik Lovers Eye Ring


"Lover’s eye jewellery is all about our deepest human connections. They first became popular in England, in the late 18th century, when people across the kingdom began commissioning them to send to loved ones, or to wear in intimate remembrance of those they had lost: miniature eye portraits, showcased in rings or lockets, to be worn on your person. Most famously, when the Prince of Wales, in 1785, was kept away from his lover — a Catholic widow who, by law, couldn’t be his wife — he sent her one of these miniatures, writing in the accompanying letter: “I send you a parcel, and I send you at the same time an Eye.” He was, symbolically, sending his loved one a part of himself, while circumstances kept the rest of them apart.

These pieces are a modern call back to that brief tradition. In that era before photography, before the phone, before video, we longed for something more than a likeness of each other — we longed for a physical presence. To carry part of our loved ones with us, to be able to gaze into their eyes and imagine their eyes on us. To wear them upon us, on our hands or against our hearts. Today, each of these Lover’s Eyes is made to order and crafted by hand, featuring a one-of-a-kind miniature portrait in enamel by acclaimed artist Robyn Rich, who specializes in capturing the emotion and likeness in people in small-scale.

This piece, and most of the designer’s Lover’s Eyes, encases the miniature painting under an ethically-sourced, clear as glass, portrait diamond, which serves as a display over the eye, but also enhances the idea of how precious, and valuable, is the gaze of those we love. It is the result of a seven-year process of trial and error, from idea to production. Developing the base began with calling dentists to explore using porcelain, then experimenting with faux ivory painted in oil, and finally embarking on learning to work in enamel. I design and make the final piece in high carat gold while Robyn paints the miniature art, and though we live across the world from one another, we’ve become very close friends through our love for and commitment to creating true wearable art that is unlike anything else currently in the market — unique pieces made with the intention of being everlasting, and becoming the epitome of heirloom jewellery. We’ve now created not just the eyes of loved ones, but those of family members who have passed away, of children, partners, and best friends, even beloved pets.

It is such a privilege to make jewellery that becomes a cherished part of the wearer’s life: to make each piece special and priceless, subtle and sophisticated enough to be worn all day or for special occasions, significant enough to be passed down through generations, and in time become an heirloom, passing along the memories of our families to the next generations. A Lover’s Eye ring is an endlessly evolving story. To the wearer, it is meaningful of a relationship only their heart truly knows. To an outside viewer, it hints at a force of feeling and a bond they can only speculate. To future generations, it becomes part of the story of who your parent, or grandparent, loved, and who we love and how we love them tells the story of who we are.

Timeless and intimate, Lover’s Eye jewellery is a reminder that we need more than just seeing each other, across a screen or in a photograph: we are made to hold each other close."


Product Details:

Specs: GIA certified 1.24 portrait diamond

18k yellow gold, brilliant diamond halo
** It is possible to replace the eye and paint a new custom eye if this is of interest for the buyer



Kelty Pelechytik