Hayley Elise Dark Opal Cuore Wand Pendant

Hayley Elise Dark Opal Cuore Wand Pendant


Do you ever get a strong gut feeling telling you when you’re ready  to take the next step in your life? 


The Opal Wand Pendant is a pure manifestation of that feeling. 


A few years ago, I was across the world studying under a master goldsmith in the Middle East. However, like most life-changing experiences, my time there had to come to an end eventually. After four incredible years, I felt that tell-tale gut feeling calling me to come back to New York and start the next step in my journey. 


From there, I enrolled in a program at Pratt where I met some fantastic people whom I cherish to this day. I had the pleasure of meeting JB Jones & Bella Neyman, and learned all about their endeavors for the upcoming premier of NYCJW in 2019. I offered to volunteer and I could not be happier that I did!


My favorite part of being a volunteer for NYCJW, was helping the lovely Michael Tobak, son of jewelry supply founder and superstar Myron Tobak, a tour of The Diamond District. Michael and his team have helped me personally to pick chain, wire, and metal sheets since my early days in the industry (and yes, this includes the chain for The Opal Wand Pendant as well!).


One stop on Michael’s tour was to see the behind the scenes magic of a casting house- we did so at Daniel Casting. I was introduced to the founder Daniel, with whom I instantly connected and wanted by my side in bringing pieces to life. He has been my caster ever since and, indeed, cast the 14k yellow gold in the Opal Wand Pendant.


In every part of my jewelry process, from stones sourced from old friends and valuable connections with fellow artisans wherever I go, community is at the heart. No one piece can be created without the guidance of many loving hands from start to finish, and every piece represents a deep feeling and connection. 


The people who teach us, love us, and provide for us along the way are what defines a community, and I am so incredibly thankful every day to have bonded with so many talented people.


Product details:


- Measures: 41mm x 10mm (approx.)

- One of a kind black opal

- Marquis-cut rhodolite garnet

-  9 diamonds

- Solid 14K gold

- Adjustable gold chain (from 16-18")

- Matte finish

- Handmade in NY



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