Erica Bello Bell Street Park Charm Necklace

Erica Bello Bell Street Park Charm Necklace


"In April of 2020, my partner lost his job due to covid. When the news hit we took it as a sign to leave our home in Columbus, OH. The midwest never suited us, and after living there for nearly a year we still felt like outcasts among a tightly knit community. 


Seeking solace in the coast, we moved to Providence, RI, during the height of the global lockdown. The stillness in the city was palpable, and with everyone in isolation we found ourselves alone. As uncertainty grew we took comfort in our routines, one being our daily visit to the neighborhood dog park. With time, strangers turned into familiar faces as the park became one of the only places to socialize. And surrounded by our carefree canines, it also offered a sense of escapism from the harsh realities of the pandemic.


As restrictions lifted, the park organized a community event in the Spring of 2021, the first since the pandemic. Together, with the help of neighbors and friends, we cleared the park of debris and helped plant a small oak tree near the entrance. Often, when I go to the park I see people watering and caring for the tree as their dogs play with mine. This small oak tree mirrors my own experience during the pandemic. A transplant, looking to grow with the help of a community."



Chip Chain - oxidized silver



Tree Charm- Oxidized silver, green sapphires

2” x 1” ¼”


Dog Charm - Oxidized silver, vintage glass intaglio with gold leaf

1” x 1” ¼”



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