Elena Herrera Antique Watch Chain Assemblage

Elena Herrera Antique Watch Chain Assemblage


"A year of not being able to see family and friends in 2020 made me appreciate the bonds that lasted and sustained me during that difficult and scary time. This necklace was inspired by the community that gave me love, support and happiness then and always. I created a chain assemblage, using antique watch chains, then added a bolt/holder and an intricate seal charm. These gold filled pieces have survived over a hundred years and are still beautiful and strong. Joining different but complementary pieces reminds me of the grace and durability of relationships to which everyone brings something different. Charm necklaces are wonderful because they can be personalized by adding meaningful components. This necklace has plenty of room for your own talismans and mementos."


The chain measures 18”, the bolt .75”, the charm .5”, the antique components are gold filled and in excellent antique condition, circa 1900-1925.



Elena Herrera