Delicate Hammer Nested Studs with Jackets

Delicate Hammer Nested Studs with Jackets


"My nested stud design was originally created for a pair of heirloom diamonds needing to be remounted. The client, Charlotte, was an acquaintance when she reached out about the project. Our meetings to discuss details segued into long talks about our families, fears, and future hopes. We became fast friends and soon our partners became close as well, and even started a band a few months back.

The nested studs, originally cast from a seedpod of the shining blue star plant growing in my garden, have become one of my favorite designs and each time I make a pair I think of Charlotte and how grateful I am for this beautiful friendship that developed from jewelry. In this pair teal sapphires a set in 18k royal gold with blue and green sapphires sprinkled around the seedpod.

The studs are paired here with jackets to allow the studs to elevate into a statement pair of earrings with the jackets worn in front of or behind the ear lobe. Also cast in 18k royal gold from a similar seedpod and sprinkle set with lab grown diamonds to catch the light as you move."


18k, teal, blue and green sapphires and lab grown diamonds.



Delicate Hammer Studio