Cindy Liebel Ala Necklace

Cindy Liebel Ala Necklace


"The Ala Necklace represents the scale of imbalance existing during challenging times. That 'feeling off kilter' finds presence in everyday life while moving forward, while being inspired and realizing how abstract our existence is in this world can be. The crescent moon symbolizes intuition, psyche, and empowerment and tells us of the new birth of our new relationships, creative efforts, business, and more in our personal lives. The thin bar anchored with the colored gemstone is a reminder of how we try to find balance with our everyday life. Understanding that life is not just black and white, but filled with color setting the mood of the joy others to convey.  The London Blue Topaz gem represents eternal romance and friendship. It carries deep symbolism relating to honesty, clarity, and strong emotional attachment. When I joined the Stay Gold Collective, it was primarily for the sake of learning all the things I needed to know more about to grow my business. But it's more than that, it's a community of creatives who are in search of so many of the same goals and aspirations. At a time in my life with the chaos in the world, I am so grateful to have found friendships and professional acquaintances within our small community."


Product details: 

Sterling silver with London Blue Topaz. 



Cindy Liebel