Chrissy Liu 'The Kathy' Necklace

Chrissy Liu 'The Kathy' Necklace


"In 2020 I created a collection called Inspired Change.  This collection was inspired by everyday people who are extraordinary.  Named after people in my life who have accomplished great things, each piece is a testament to the tapestry of personalities, a nod to the challenges of life and recognition of their successes.  The necklace I am submitting to you is called The Kathy, named for my best friend.  


The design inspiration is the journey of friendship.  There are milestones in life that a true friend shares with you,and the sterling silver circle discs represent those stepping stones of that journey.  The diamond accent is symbolic of the rare and brilliant find a best friend can be in your life."  


The piece is handcrafted of sterling silver with a .03 ct diamond accent set in sterling.  It is on a 16in sterling cable necklace.  



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