Aylee & Co Sugared Chevron Necklace

Aylee & Co Sugared Chevron Necklace


"During a challenging time something beautiful can arise.  Perhaps it’s related to mindset. Open arms, open mind.  In 2020 I had to restructure my entire business which caused enormous uncertainty.  I took a leap and joined the Stay Gold Collective.  The expert guidance from our fearless leader ( Liz Kantner) combined with the unique rapport of the members led me to many treasures. The chevron shape of this necklace represents open arms, open mind.  The diamonds represent the treasures I found through life changing relationships I may never have encountered otherwise.  My signature 18k gold sugar detail represents the bond of a powerful community."


Product details:

18k gold and oxidized sterling silver

2-1mm diamonds 

1-2mm diamond

19” in length 



Aylee & Co.