Avery Lee Nix Earrings

Avery Lee Nix Earrings

Do you remember when we howled at the moon every night at 8pm to honor our first responders on the front lines of the pandemic? I remember feeling a great sense of connection to the thousands of strangers doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. It was a gesture that connected us to each other in this new strange reality. 
During the pandemic I was also able to slow down and connect with my environment in a more present way. Living in Colorado, I have always been a lover of nature, but the slowness of pace allowed me to experience the subtleties, like seeing the varieties of colors in the native grasses, and the textures of stones near the walking path near my house. I love making jewelry with a strong connection to earth's elements and this vision really solidified during the pandemic. 


Product details: 


The nix earrings are Nix, is one of Pluto’s 5 Moons, named after the egyptian goddess of night and dark. Made with recycled sterling with Snowville Variquoise from Nevada.


How to care for your Nix Earrings- The best way to care for your Nix Earrings is to remove them when you are showering or swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals can sometimes cause soft stones to change in color.



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