Amanda Lockrow Rutilated Quartz Ring

Amanda Lockrow Rutilated Quartz Ring


"The ring centers around a quartz stone that holds within it hematite and golden rutile that together create a beautiful partial star. We might think of these inclusions as ruining a clear quartz stone but instead we see it makes it even more beautiful. I like to think that this ring is a visual reminder that when we work together we create something even more magical than we could on our own. It is a celebration of community. Over the past year one of the things I took the time to learn more about was the responsible sourcing of stones and through that learning I met the owner of a sustainable mine in Bahia, Brazil who mined and cut the stone that was the inspiration for this ring. If we feel connected as a community to all the hands that touch something before we buy it we might make different choices with how we spend our money. We have the power as a community to create the world we ALL deserve to live in."



About rutilated quartz: Rutilated quartz is a stone that helps calm tempers and turn anger into acceptance. The rutile amplifies the energy of the quartz. It repels negativity of any kind. It helps bring harmony to relationships. It helps balance the physical and emotional body. Helps ease transition.



14K yellow gold ring face : 12mm x 10mm

14K band width : 1.5mm

diamonds: 3- 1.5mm post consumer

size available : 7 



Amanda K. Lockrow