Monica Marcella x A Thousand Facets

I was digging through half finished blog posts (I know, I know, I need to stick to a schedule) and I came across an interview I did with Moncia Marcella and Joanne, the jewelry lover behind A Thousand Facets. Monica recently created a custom ring for Joanne using a special stone cut by the one and only Top Notch Faceting. These gals have a true admiration for each other and worked together on designing the piece - the result is stunning. In the recent, much-needed, spirit of communication and togetherness, I thought this would be great to share! Also, I hope it inspires you to collaborate - on anything - but hopefully something sparkly.

Joanne: I'd been talking to Top Notch faceting for couple of months, I wanted one of his stones since the first time I saw his work and he was kind enough to reserve some time for me, just in time for my birthday. I've been wanting a Monica Marcella ring for a while as well. Her work is beautiful, timeless and her craftsmanship is impeccable. She is someone that is very passionate about her work. If you meet her, she exudes the most positive energy and love of anyone I've ever met. I knew owning a piece made by her would have part of her heart. That was really important to me!

Monica: I do a lot of custom work, it's such a treat because I get to work directly with someone about the project start to finish. This was an especially wonderful experience because Joanne really knows and has a passion for jewelry. She is a veritable encyclopedia, she knows genres and makers and she also knows how to fabricate and make jewelry. She understands the process from the beginning to the end. It was such a pleasure working with someone who truly understood all the steps it takes.

Joanne: I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted it to be, but I wanted Monica to give me her input and show me her ideas. We went diamond shopping together and bought some beautiful diamonds from Rough Diamond World to compliment Top Notch Faceting's zircon.

Monica: We spent an afternoon together picking out diamonds- can you imagine a better way to spend an afternoon? I knew this was going to be a sparkler of a ring so I suggested we add some leaf shaped shields that I fabricate. She agreed that these would give the eye a place to rest in the midst of all the bling. She was so patient and gave me plenty of time to sit with the stones during design.

Joanne: Monica is a sweetheart to work with, she let me be very involved in the process, I would say something and she would expand it in a more beautiful direction. That was amazing, I would just have to say one word and she ran out with it!

Monica: I was very excited to get to work with a friend for this special set. But I have to admit, I was nervous! The zircon is such a thrilling stone cut so masterfully, I just wanted to do it justice and make Joanne happy. In the end it all went perfectly, all the stones behaved themselves as I set them and Joanne was over the moon when I delivered the rings.

Joanne: I LOVE the finish product, it came out so much better that the original idea I had!! And now it has the option of adding more stacks. I love collaborating with designers, I've had couple of collaborations during my "blogging" life and is something that makes me so happy! Being able to work with an amazing designers,give and take input, and come up with a piece of wearable art that will surpass generations, is one of the most rewarding things in my life!

Monica: I'm thrilled with the end result. Making this a two ring stacker set was something I had not planned at the beginning but as the project progressed it seemed like a very natural answer. She can flip the rings and the result will always be a new composition.