Quadrum Wish List

Finally after several years of friendship with the Managing Director, Sia, I was able to visit Quadrum Gallery in Boston. The store may be small, but the selection of jewelry is incredible. They have more than SIX cases of Gabriella Kiss, every Pat Flynn design I've ever wanted to see as well as Annette Ferdinandsen, Todd Reed, Margery Hirschey, Rosanne Pugliese, Todd Pownell, Jamie Joseph, Annie Fensterstock, Maria Beaulieu, Polly Wales AND MORE. Not only does the store contain all of those designers, but also some of the friendliest and most passionate jewelry lovers I have ever met. If you live in or are visiting Boston, make a point of stopping by. 

I will be sharing a ton of photos from the few hours I spent exploring the store on Instagram, but also have put together my wish list below - all of them are available on Quadrum's website!